Exclusive Opportunities

Anthony Vincent music |  ten second songs |  set the charge

Anthony Vincent is a Zedalza Network co-founder, co-host of Zedalza New York, the brains behind viral YouTube sensation Ten Second Songs, and the voice of Set The Charge.

Anthony’s March 2014 release of “Katy Perry’s Dark Horse in 20 Styles” started an avalanche of viral content.

Our YouTube subscribers continue to discover ZENlive.tv. The network is now becoming a place to gain access to what goes on behind-the-scenes in the world of Ten Second Songs, Set The Charge, and the in-house YouTube projects of the future.

We have created Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities for upcoming releases on the Ten Second Songs, Anthony Vincent Music, and Set The Charge YouTube channels/social networks. Examples below!

How We'll Do It!

  • Spoken plugs
  • Buzz Video creation/schedule
  • On-Air Product Usage
  • Promo-coding
  • On-air giveaways
  • Inclusion at Holiday/Special Events
  • Listing on ZenLive.tvSponsors page
  • Monthly On-Air Time Dedicated to Brand
  • Social Media Sharing

Ten Second Songs Opportunities:

20-Style videos: Average 4-6M views Each

  • Anthony sports your T-Shirt/Brand in an Official Ten Second Songs 20-Styles video, with your link in the description of the video.
  • Your brand is the sole sponsor of the weekly Ten Second Songs Facebook live-streams, where Anthony interacts with fans live for 30 minutes on the Ten Second Songs Facebook Fanpage. Viewership metrics available upon request. 

Anthony Vincent Music Opportunities: 

Fan-Selected 1-Style Video: Average 1M Views

  • Anthony wears your t-shirt/brand in the next Anthony Vincent Music Channel release, with a link in the video's description, and a spoken plug in the end-tag of the video
  • Your brand sponsors the Ten Second Songs 20-Styles 'Behind-The-Scenes' video, which is uploaded to the Anthony Vincent Music Channel, and given a promotional plug from the Ten Second Songs channel.  (See the "Sorry" and "Hello" behind-the-scenes examples).

Set The Charge:

Aside from upcoming appearances at VidCon, in support of Ten Second Songs, Set The Charge is set to release new music videos, plus a new original album, in 2016.   

Set The Charge continues to seek new partnership opportunities with music companies who would like to see their gear put to good use in all of the band's future releases and appearances.